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Started working for Western Electric upon graduation from Martinsville High school in 1967. When it appeared that he would be drafted soon George enlisted in the United States Marine Corp. George wanted the best training he could get to improve the odds that he would survive the war the United States was embroiled in.

Served in the Corps until the completion of his 4 year enlistment - - - during his enlistment went to electronics school at the Marine Corp Recruit Depot at San Diego. Graduated in the top 10 in all three classes thus earning the rank of corporal prior to being assigned to Camp Lejune NC to serve with the 2nd AM Trac battalion - - - starting out as a radio technician and ending up putting together a communications platoon for a newly formed company of Am Tracs - - - this was a billet that should have been led by a Gunnery Sargent ( E7 ) . While putting this all together as an E4 Corporal received a meritorious promotion to E5 Sargent with only 3 years in the Corp.

Upon completion of his enlistment went back to work at Western Electric in 1971 starting out moving heavy boxes for the ladies who “pulled paper” for Indiana Bell repairmen. Moved up to being a “Grade 4 troubleshooter” he would be assigned to an area where the people were performing below the expected levels. George would study how the work was being done and after his evaluations he would put time and cost savings in place to bring the work up to expected levels. At the same time normally reducing the workload on the people. We worked smarter not harder!

During this time in 1975 George joined the Henry County Sheriff’s reserve where he served until under both Sheriff Joe Harris and Sheriff Paul Percy until 1981 when his son was born and he felt he needed to spend more time with his growing family and resigned from the Dept. During his time there he received 2 meritorious citations which he still cherishes. He also took an early retirement from Western Electric in late 1981 and went into farming full time.
With working a lot of overtime George was able to purchase a farm near Greensboro in 1973 where he and his family still reside. The farm had not been maintained for several years and had no functioning fences and no buildings at all.
With the help of his wife they were able to build fences, clear brush and thickets, purchase cattle and a mobile home. This has turned into a cape cod home, two barns and a great place to raise our children, a foster son and several nieces and nephews. 
After the drought of 1983 we needed more income than the farm was providing and George purchased a “Car Crushing Machine” and started “King’s Portable Car Crushers” and provided jobs for many employees. George ran this until a motorcycle accident in 1994 when it looked like he would never walk again. With the Lords help he overcame the accident but could not stay in that heavy work and sold the equipment off - - - it took 3 years for him to recover.

In 1996 George was given the opportunity to own a “dealership” for Ameritech Cellular and he built out 6 stores in the assigned area starting with Greenfield, New Castle, Richmond. Connersville, Anderson and Muncie in that order. George later bought an existing store in Bloomington. With the help of great employees “Communications Depot” broke every sales quota given us and 3 years in a row we were the top dealership in the country. After 3 corporate buyouts George reluctantly felt it was time to leave the cell phone business and we closed in May of 2003.

While running the Cell stores George leased part of the farm to Caldwell Gravel Services and Paul Caldwell ran a top notch operation until his death. George currently still owns and operates Greensboro Sand & Gravel.

George joined the “Fall Creek Valley Conservation Club” in 2012 and being he was one of only 4 people in Indiana at the time to have completed the NRA “Range design, development and operations” course he was able to advise and has been instrumental in many improvements. George helped replace several baffles but also redesigned parts of the range so that the baffles are not getting shot up now. We also built a new enclosed outdoor pistol range that is one of the best in the state.

Community help
Overseeing the remodeling of the Kennard Elementary School to transform it into a “senior living” facility. This will go in phases and it is planned to be one of the best facilities of it type around. The school was in great shape to start with making the remodeling much easier than most projects. This is currently in the permit phase and we are hoping to be able to start construction very soon!
Current projects
George W King 
When George found out the Kennard Fire Department did not have any breathing apparatus he purchased 3 complete systems and 5 spare bottles and a compressor and donated to the Fire Department about 1998. 

When it was brought up the Greensboro Fire Department rescue squad needed a defibulator the King family provided the needed money to the department for the rescue squad.

When Greensboro wanted a new community building and fire house the King family along with the Ferrell brothers donated equipment, fuel and labor to do the earth work so that the town qualified for the grant and the community now has beautiful new facilities.

The UMC then bought the old property from the town and we remodeled the fire barn into a great fellowship hall and the area where the old town hall was is now a parking lot for the church.

Several years ago ( I do not remember the date ) the 4H Horse and Pony club was in a slight decline and the King family donated 7 registered Quater Horse colts to the club. Members were allowed to show them for one year and then we gave the kids the horses to keep. 

George received a certificate in 2014 from the Red Cross for his 100th blood donation - - - he donates every time the Greensboro blood drive comes to town about every 56 days.
Starting with their first tractor with a cab ( 1974 4230 JD ) George has always cleared snow for the neighbors around his “block” which is 8 miles around for free. When we had several widows in the community George would pick up their mail at the post office and deliver it to them when he cleared their snow - - - for free.
When the county has needed extra help George also clears snow for them.