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Political view

I feel I should treat the job of commissioner much the same as the position of trustee of my church. As a church trustee I do not get to do everything needed all at once. We have to set priorities and move forward as we can in a responsible manner. 

The county is much the same. If we work together for overall improvement we will attract more like minded people ( and businesses ) and as we grow the whole community can prosper.
I am to oversee the daily operations and assure the people’s money is not wasted. We are not in trouble due to needing more tax money we are in trouble due to not allocating the money we have properly.

I will work to balance the needs we have to the money we have, we must work smarter not harder!

We currently have many great people in place that feel their hands are tied by the bureaucrats in office. The people doing the work of running this county every day know what the right thing to do in most circumstances is and with encouragement and support will move the county forward into a better place for future generations.

As commissioner I will pledge to do the right thing in all circumstances - - - If you are my best friend you will not receive any special treatment and I will do my best to work for the betterment of the county in all things!

I feel one of the top priorities is to bringing more business into the county thus raising tax revenue without raising taxes and possibly expanding the tax base to a point the current taxes could be lowered. We have a willing population base and good Interstate Hiway and rail access and an airport larger than most communities of our size.