My parents started me attending the United Methodist church at the corner of Hanna and Otterbein streets in Indianapolis before I could remember. I have followed in that tradition as my mother remarried after my father’s death and we moved to Martinsville and attended the Mt. Olive Methodist church until my enlistment in the Marine Corps.

Upon being stationed at Camp Lejune I found and attended the Sneads Ferry Methodist church.
Upon my return from the Corps I briefly attended the Southern Baptist church at Knightstown with friends but later moved one block west to the United Methodist church of Knightstown. Old habits die hard!

After marriage my wife and I continued attending in Knightstown until the birth of my son. My wife then wanted to attend a closer church and we started attending the United Methodist church at Greensboro. 

This was in 1981 and we have attended here ever sense. While here I have rotated thru sever turns as trustee and try to maintain good practices and implement new things to serve as needed.

The current preacher’s husband ( Rob Upchurch ) and I are responsible for a men’s breakfast and lessons on being the best husband and father the second Saturday of each month. While I feel I have been an acceptable husband and father with the lessons learned I feel I could have been much better and I hope we are helping others to do better than my example.

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